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Social sourcing simplified

Modern recruiters have moved beyond “post and hope” methods of applicant attraction. yu:talent gives you the social toolkit you need to increase candidate engagement and brand awareness.

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Quick connect!

Connect to your social networks to get all the benefits of yu:talents social side.

Now you can post, search and grab profile data.

Social search

Search social networks like LinkedIn to find candidates from your own networks.

Auto-import and create the candidate record inside yu:talent with a single click.

Post updates everywhere

You can post updates out to your social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

LinkedIn goes a step further by letting you post into Groups as well as standard status updates.

Facebook application

Run a professional job board from your Company Facebook page.

List all the vacancies you have on offer with an easy to apply system.

Contact research

For any people contact records created, you have a very useful Social tab.

Click on it to pull back social network data on your contacts, see what they've been up to!

LinkedIn profile import

You can already import LinkedIn profile data from your searches...

But we're going one step further and letting you create a new profile just by pasting in the profile URL into yu:talent.