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Beautifully simple CRM

Get away from overly complex systems and enjoy flexibility and ease of use that your team will love. yu:talent is the CRM to run your entire recruiting business.

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Companies and People

Add details of companies and people to your contact database to centralise and share with the team in your business.

Add custom fields to companies, clients, candidates and prospects to create the exact profiles that your agency needs.

Record conversations and notes

It's easy to add notes and upload documents and files to both people and company records.

Every user has a unique "Mail Drop" email address - simply BCC this address to your normal emails to have them automatically recorded as contact notes.

Organise contacts with tags

Quickly tag your contacts to organise them into 'folders'. Even 100,000s of contacts are manageable with the powerful tagging system.

Multi-selecting tags allows you to drill down and filter contacts to a sophisticated level of detail.

Document management

Upload and attach any type of documents or files to both Company and People records.

Attaching documents to People records is simple - just email them to your Mail Drop account.

Integrated CV parsing

CV parsing comes as standard, powered by industry leaders Daxtra.

Profiles are created automatically for you, with education and work histories plus contact details extracted without you lifting a finger.

Mail Drop everything

BCC your Mail Drop address, and yu:talent will attach your emails as notes to the right contacts.

New contacts are created automatically, so no one is ever lost - all done from the comfort of your favourite email client.