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Post, track and search

Fully integrated job posting and applicant tracking with a reach to over 1000 job boards and social networks. Search remote CV databases as well as your local candidate pool.

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Job multi-posting

Powered by the idibu job posting system, yu:talent posts out to over 1000 job boards and social networks.

Lots of useful features like individual logins to boards and quota management.

All your applicants tracked

All the applicants are tracked centrally for you, using the candidate processing funnel that you define.

Applicants are automatically added to your local search database meaning they are available in your talent pool for free again and again.

Automated candidate matching

As soon as you post a job yu:talent will go off and search all the CVs it can for useful matches.

Premium job boards, LinkedIn, and your local contact database are automatically searched with no effort from you.

Local CV search

As you add CVs and people to your contact database, they instantly become searchable.

So whether you build your contact database via Job Posting, CV Search, adding manually or using the CV Drop email system, you're always building a talent pool for the long term.

Search LinkedIn

Save time - while you search everywhere else, see who is a good match from your LinkedIn network.

Your LinkedIn results will be returned and ranked with all the other search results in one easy-to-refine list.

Sort CVs with CV Drop!

CV Drop, the easiest way to take advantage of all the CVs you've collected so far.

Simply email batches of CVs to your CV Drop email address and yu:talent will create complete, fully searchable candidate profiles.

Updates while you sleep

Set search to become a 'Watchdog' and it will re-run your searches every day, emailing you if any new candidates have come onto the market.

It's the sure fire way of staying ahead of the competition!

Skill sorter

As you add CVs to the system, key skills are automatically extracted and stored against the candidate.

Now you can browse the skill list and filter your talent pool instantly.

Candidate newsletters

Coming soon, enhanced posting that allows you to notify active candidates in your talent pool.

Select the candidates by tag, keyword or skill and let them know about your latest roles.