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Born to integrate

Build yu:talent like a lego tower. Unlike many other software vendors, it has a beautiful Developer Framework that allows any feature or integration you want to be added - fast and easy.

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Infinite expandability

We built yu:talent with expandability in mind right from the start.

It has a Developer Framework not unlike the Apps you see for LinkedIn or Facebook that allow any developer to create Add ons.

What are Apps?

Typical App examples would be:

* A major plugin like video interviewing, psychometric testing or an invoicing system integration
* Workflows or reporting specific to your business or
* Handy widgets like a ‘Skype call” button.

Safe and unobtrusive

Vendors without this sort of framework suffer from bloated software that forces their clients to share upgrades.

yu:talent is not like that. We keep the core system simple and stable, and let you build whatever you want on top.

Lots of great Apps

We’ve been building a number of public Apps you can see here, and there are more in the pipeline.

Lots of our Apps are free, some are commercial.

Go custom!

Creating custom Apps is easy. We can do it for you, or your own developers can do it.

Our Developer Framework is open source with a supporting community that will keep your development costs down.